#Spotlight: Women's Act 2010

                                                         Image:   Think Young Women

                                                         Image: Think Young Women

Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights!

On 8 March, women across the world including in The Gambia celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). A day to celebrate the achievements of women but also a day to PressForProgress to end gender injustices.

Today and every day, a reminder that it is vital that women know their rights. In line with this goal, Law Hub Gambia provides a summary of the Women’s Act 2010. You can find the Act and subsequent amendment here.

At Law Hub Gambia, we join the movement to combat attitudes and behaviours that condone, tolerate, excuse or ignore women’s rights. There is great need to increase awareness among women and girls regarding their rights.

Do take action in transforming the lives of women and girls and actively continue to #PressforProgress.

In solidarity,

The Law Hub Gambia Team