Agreement between Her Majesty's Government in The United Kingdom and the Government of The Gambia for the attainment of independence, 1965.

The Public Officers’ (The Gambia) Agreement, 1965, signed between The Government of The Gambia and Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom, set out the conditions of services of an ‘overseas officer’ who was a substantive holder of a pensionable office in the Public Service of The Gambia on or before 18th February, 1965. It guaranteed their entitlement to pensions after retirement or to their widows, dependent children or personal representative if they ceased to be substantive holders of pensionable office before February 18th, 1965 and how the pension should be paid and in what currency.  DOWNLOAD 

The Gambia Independence Conference, 1964.

The Gambia Independence Conference, held on 22 July 1964, was convened to ‘settle the form of the Constitution of The Gambia on independence and the date at which independence should be attained’. The Conference was attended by officials of the Government of The Gambia led by Prime Minister D.K. Jawara and the Opposition delegation led by P.S. Njie. The Conference identified provisions to be contained in the Independence Constitution such as provisions on Citizenship, procedures for the amendment of the Constitution after independence and the appointment of the Constituency Boundaries Commission and also discussed The Gambia’s future relations with Senegal. The Gambia Government made few requests to the British Government which were accepted or approved. These included financial assistance after independence; to become a member of the Commonwealth;  Queen Elizabeth the Second to become the Queen of The Gambia after independence and The Gambia to gain her independence on 18th February 1965.  The Opposition delegation wanted the Independence date to be pushed until fresh elections were conducted but this was rejected.

The Report contains both the report and annex B on the amendments of the Constitution. DOWNLOAD

Report of The Gambia Constitutional Conference, 1961

This Report highlighted the main issues discussed during a series of talks held from 24-27 July 1961, between the Secretary of State for Colonies and a delegation from the Gambia on the revision of The Gambia’s constitutional structure. DOWNLOAD