Special Series Announcement Constitutional Review in The Gambia: Contemporary Discussions

The editors of Law Hub Gambia’s blog are pleased to announce our new special series titled “Constitutional Review in The Gambia: Contemporary Discussions.” This is a timely subject of importance in law and politics in The Gambia. This series contributes to the review process of the 1997 Constitution and drafting of a new constitution by the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC).

The weekly special series advances the discourse by focusing on conceptual, theoretical and practical questions on the “review” process and consequently, the “drafting” of the new Gambian Constitution. It will also pay attention to who the relevant constitutional actors are or should be and how we can catalyze the ideals of democracy, human rights and rule of law in the new dispensation.

Law Hub Gambia wants to create a platform that showcases diverse set of voices on the Gambian constitutional review process.

We welcome substantive submissions via email on this series. Submissions should range from 750 to 1000 words. All submissions will be reviewed in a timely fashion. Please send submissions to lawhubgambia@gmail.com.