Human Rights Committee’s review of the state of civil and political rights in The Gambia

In July 2018, the Human Rights Committee reviewed the implementation of the ICCPR in The Gambia. The Gambia submitted a report in response to the list of issues in lieu of its second periodic report.The Committee raised concerns that section 18 of the Constitution and sections 15 (A) and 72 of the Criminal Code allow for a great deal of discretion in the use of force by law enforcement officials, and that section 2 (a) and (b) of the Indemnity Act (as amended in 2001) exonerates all public officials from civil or criminal liability for the exercise of their duties with respect to unlawful assemblies, riotous situations or public emergencies.The Committee made recommendations to The Gambia to revise its laws with a view to bringing them in line with international standards.

Read all documents relating to the report:

Human Rights Committee ‘Concluding observations on the Gambia in the absence of its second periodic report’, CCPR/C/GMB/CO/2 (30 August 2018)

Human Rights Council ‘Replies of the Gambia to the list of issues’ CCPR/C/GMB/Q/2/Add.1, 12 June 2018

Human Rights Committee ‘List of issues in the absence of the second periodic report of The Gambia’ CCPR/C/GMB/Q/2, 11 December 2017.

See session webpage and Human’s Rights Committee meeting summary on The Gambia Report.