Constitutional Review Commission (CRC)

The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) is established as per the Constitutional Review Commission Act passed on 13 December 2017 by the National Assembly  and assented to by the president on 13 January 2018. The CRC is established for the drafting and guiding of the process of  promulgating a new Constitution. The Commission should be comprised of a Chairperson (Chief Justice or a judge of the superior court), a Vice Chairperson (legal practitioner of not less than 10 years standing nominated by the Minister of Justice and nine other members nominated by the President. 

Th Commission is responsible for drafting a new constitution and prepare a subsequent report. In the execution of this function, they should seek public opinion; review the 1997 Constitution; adhere to national values; safeguard and promote issues of sovereignty; separation of powers, national unity; introduction of term limits, and continuance of The Gambia as a secular state. The Commission shall be dissolved one calendar month after the date of enactment by the National Assembly of the Bill introducing the Constitution.

DOWNLOAD the Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017.